How do my husband and I stay on the same page when it comes to the kids?

Several times each week conversation should occur apart from the kids (they should be in bed or in their rooms at reasonable times so that the end of the day can be used purposefully for the welfare of the family). It is unrealistic to think that spiritual connection will happen without intentionality.

Spiritual connection is really quite simple. If a wife is connecting with God through her own prayer and reading life, she will have spiritual things to contribute to her husband. The same is true of a man. When God is the “third person” in a relationship, everyone flourishes. Giving daily/weekly attention to the spiritual dimension of the caretakers of a family can be huge.

Selfishness robs us of this – and humility is the key to disarming self-centered paradigms. We are easily trapped, however, into competing rather than strengthening. What does it take for you to be on the same page? How can we make this less important than screen time, hobbies, or relaxing pursuits.

Day #22 in the Work Book: Family Action Planning
This can help you as you work at being on the same page.