How do we maintain some sanity (and quality) in our time together as a family?

There are so many activities sending us so many directions – and it is only getting worse!

Dad and Mom and the dinner table.
As often as possible (at least 5 out of 7 days) you should expect your family share a meal together.

Meal time should be more about connecting than eating. Train your kids to plan on 45-60 minutes for the process. Ask each child to tell one story from their day, helping variant ages engage and be patient with the entire family (this can be particularly challenging with preteens/teens) .

We talked to someone the other day who has a “tech hour” that follows homework and chores and precedes dinner. Then – all devices are put away – for everyone! You can use the tech hour as a reward for dinner participation – but make sure you are consistent in administrating it!

Tell your stories – and then Mom and Dad can each share one way they saw God in their day – including scripture where appropriate. We used the book of Proverbs and selected a chapter depending upon the day of the month (31 chapters – 31 or so days in a month). Over a period of years we each had our favorites – and it gave us lots of ammo for values/beliefs/world view conversations.

With young children (1-6 years or so) – regular reading with Dad (of age appropriate spiritual books) can be huge in making spiritual connections for the family.